Lightwave L21WH Smart Dimmer 1 Gang 智能調光開關1位燈掣


  • 金屬材質白色
  • 需配合Lightwave Link Plus使用
  • 如需要調光功能,必需配合可調較光暗的燈具
  • 如不需要調光功能,可作一般開關使用
  • Lightwave Link Plus required
  • LED lamps must be dimmable if dimming function required.
  • Begin your home automation adventure with Lightwave’s stylish Smart Series Dimmers
  • This smart dimmer is simple to install DIY and requires no extra wiring. Once installed, pair this smart dimmer with the Lightwave Link Plus and use the Lightwave app to control every aspect of your smart lighting (available for iOS or Android). Always consult a suitably qualified expert if you have any concerns
  • Lightwave’s smart dimmers allow you to control the look and feel of your home – Entertaining? Quiet evening in? Create the perfect mood, room-by-room
  • Away from home? Gain peace of mind and use Lightwave’s home automations to set schedules for lights to come on at certain times to simulate occupancy. Two-way communication allows you to instantly see the state of each smart dimmer, from wherever you are
  • You can start with just one device and expand your system to transform your entire home – Discover the true potential of your smart home with Lightwave. Requires Lightwave L2 Link Plus to enable voice or app control

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Lightwave Smart Dimmers

How to Calibrate a Smart Series Dimmer

Product Description

Smarten up your home lighting with the stylish Smart Dimmers from Lightwave. They can be installed in place of a standard light switch or dimmer without extra wiring and controlled remotely using the Lightwave App (available for iOS or Android) and Link Plus. Each Smart Dimmer can also be voice controlled using Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Lightwave’s beautifully designed Smart Dimmers allow you to control your lights from anywhere; gain peace of mind by setting clever ‘Automations’ to schedule your lights to turn on when you are away, or at random times during the day or evening to simulate occupancy. A host of other clever features includes timers, scenes and the ability to trigger any number of smart Lightwave devices with a single button press. You can also keep track of the energy consumption of your lights and chart it using the Lightwave App. Two-way communication allows you to monitor the state of the Smart Dimmer from wherever you are. Performance and reliable communication is assured by Lightwave’s proprietary RF protocol which out performs normal WiFi and offers superior range with less interference. Requires Lightwave L2 Link Plus to enable voice or app control .

Box Contains

1 x L21WH Lightwave Smart Series Dimmer (1 Gang) White, 1 x 10mm Spacer, 2 x Fixing Screws, 1 x Instruction Guide

Technical Details

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