tado° Smart AC Control V3+ 智能冷氣控制器V3+


  • 平行進口 (英國版本)
  • 利用tado° App操控冷氣的開關、溫度、風量和模式等,取代原本冷氣的遙控器
  • 可以設定時間表進行定時開關
  • 支援Apple HomeKit、Google Assistant、Amazon Alexa等
  • 原裝配備三腳插頭,香港可以直接使用

Wireless connectivity

Via local Wi-Fi network with any 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz router. The quality of the signal depends on the building structure.


tado° measures temperature and humidity. The temperature sensor accuracy is 0.01°C.


Smart AC Control: 100 x 100 x 15 mm


Smart AC Control: 73 g

Power supply

  • 5 V (USB)
  • Cable length: 1850 mm


The outer shell consists of polycarbonate (PC) and ABS plastic.

  • Front: white / matte
  • Infrared window: gloss black
  • Rear: light gray rubberised

User interface

The LED matrix has 10 x 19 LEDs and has a size of 32 x 20 mm. Capacitive touch surface.

Multi-language support

The tado° app, instructions and software are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

Maximum number of tado° devices per Home

You can add up to 25 devices to your tado° Home.

Maximum number of users per Home

Up to 100 users can be added to your tado° Home.



提供保養之公司: USUB Limited

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